Thermal Imaging is still expanding into it’s full potential in the management of waste at landfill sites and waste disposal facilities.   Some of the areas that drones are providing an invaluable service include…

  • Monitoring the temperature of piping and equipment

  • Measuring the surface temperature of soil to detect hot spots

  • Gas detection

  • Survey for water and steam leaks

  • Drone Survey Solar Farm Project Planning

Commercial PV Solar Farm Inspections by Drone

August 24th, 2020|Comments Off on Commercial PV Solar Farm Inspections by Drone

Drone Thermal Inspection of Solar Farms Climate change and the need for renewable energy is driving an unprecedented investment into commercial photovoltaic solar farms. However there any many issues ...

  • Drone Filming BBC Barfoot Farm

Drone Filming at Barfoots Farms

August 20th, 2020|Comments Off on Drone Filming at Barfoots Farms

Sometimes there can be amazing stories right under your nose and occasionally our work with our drone cameras can bring them to light.  When we were asked to film at Barfoots Farms for the ...