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Drones can Help you to Sell your Property

Today’s property market is an incredibly competitive environment and sellers are always looking for ways to present their property in such a way that it stands out from the rest.  Drone photography and videography can be the perfect way to do this.

Unlike ‘the old days’, buyers are not likely to be limited to the properties on display in the window of an estate agent.  Instead, they have the freedom to browse online finding properties that exactly suit their needs and budgets and so they will be often overwhelmed by the sheer choice available.  When they find something that they think might fit the bill, they will likely spend time finding all they can about it online before they even think about viewing it in person.  So it’s important that your property’s online presence really demonstrates all its key selling points so your potential buyer doesn’t simply click on by to the next one.

Drone footage offers an aerial perspective that can show exactly how your home fits within its environment – for example, tucked in the midst of a valley or just a stone’s throw from the beach.  The addition of aerial videography can allow you to add a cinematic edge to this, even incorporating music to evoke exactly the kind of emotion in the viewer that you are looking for and really make your property stand out from the crowd.   With the right aerial (and ground based) images and video It is almost possible to make your potential buyer fall in love with your home before they even set foot in it.

Display your Property Across Multiple Channels

Whether you are using the services of an estate agent or marketing your property yourself, there can be no harm in making sure that it is as visible as possible.  Aerial photography and videos can be displayed across any number of social media channels, including YouTube to gain the maximum exposure.

Estate Agents that DIY vs Professional Drone Pilot

Estate agents in the past have been guilty of cutting corners and taking their own UAV images.  However, it’s important to know that unless they also hold the relevant CAA permissions and commercial insurance, they are breaking the law.  Due to the time and expense involved in becoming a legal drone pilot, there certainly aren’t many estate agents out there who have actually achieved this level of qualification.  If your estate agent has offered this service to you, you should definitely ask to see their PfCO and Insurance Certificate.

Aside from this, it’s likely that a qualified drone professional will be able to offer you a higher quality of service that someone who is not practiced and experienced in doing so.  A professional drone pilot will discuss with you beforehand all that is required to get your property looking its best and also any legal requirements that you need to take care of (such as informing your neighbours).  Further to this, they will discuss with you the time of day and weather conditions which will showcase your property in the best possible way and any aspects that you would like featured in order to really turn a buyer’s head.

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