The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have traditionally been the authority to refer to regarding all drone activity whether this be indoors or outdoors.  However, recent law changes have meant that they are now putting UAV indoor flights outside of their remit.

In the recent Air Navigation Order Amendment, the following statement was made…

“The applicability of the regulations with regard to flights within buildings has been clarified recently.  Under the CAA Act 1982, the Air Navigation Order is made for the purposes of regulating air navigation.  Flights inside buildings have nothing to do with air navigation because they can have no effect on flights by aircraft in the open air.  As a result, flights within buildings, or within areas where there is no possibility for the unmanned aircraft to ‘escape’ into the open air (such as a ‘closed’ netted structure) are not subject to air navigation legislation.  Persons intending to operate drones indoors should refer to the appropriate Health and Safety At Work regulations.”

So now, indoor flights are governed only by health and safety law and of course any professional drone pilot would always adhere to the highest in safety standards.  If you have any indoor flight requirements, just get in touch and we’re happy to discuss your requirements.