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Aerial Property Portraits, a New Perspective

With the introduction of new Drone technology, Aerial Property Photography and Video has never been more accessible or affordable. Add to that the latest in Aerial Thermal Imaging and you now have a complete property portfolio with survey and inspection capability.

Aerial Property Photography, Video and Thermal Imaging are available to you whether you are a property developer, architect, real estate agent or a private domestic homeowner looking for something to hang on the wall or in need of a roof inspection.

Whatever your need, Aerial Imaging from Drone Media Imaging is completely affordable, professional and certified.

Shooting images from the air gives any property or estate a unique perspective, interest and overview of scale. Pictures and videos can be informative and administrative as well as artistic and creative. Shooting at the crack of dawn when the sun is low in the sky with dew and mist on the ground can add creative atmosphere to a listed property or National Trust Castle for example, or maybe you simply need to see a large country house situated within its picturesque garden surroundings and neighbouring a stream.

UAVs – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Drones – can now be deployed on location quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience. Drone Media Imaging is qualified and certified with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and trained in the completion of location surveys and risk assessments to ensure a safe and professional flight. We take care of everything that needs to be done to get airborne and take fantastic images.

Aerial Photography and Video was once a difficult and expensive exercise, but not anymore as UAVs/Drones have become the tool of choice for both commercial companies, developers, estate agents as well as private sellers/vendors/owners looking for a unique, different and altogether professional image portfolio from varying angles and sweeps over the property and grounds, images that were previously costly and expensive to achieve.

Property Portrait Pricing

A Single property portrait includes images at various altitudes to capture different perspectives and angles. Surrounding grounds and gardens are also covered. The images are presented online and are accessible for selection via a password. The session can include a combination of Photographs, Video and Thermal Imaging.

Coverage is the same as for a single property portrait but purchased and executed for a group of neighbouring properties. Perfect for a cul-de-sac or gated community where the properties are close together. The group purchase takes advantage of a single plan and risk assessment, same day flight and single location expense, so we can offer this at a substantially discounted rate. So why not club together with your neighbours to share the cost?

Coverage can consist of just photos, videos or thermal images as well as combinations. So you can add a video sweep of your gardens and surrounding landscape as well as adding some thermal images of the roof!

Private Property Booking

Book a private property portrait

Suitable for single or multi adjoining properties, such as a cul-de-sac or gated community
Private Property Booking

Private Properties

Simple aerial photography for private home owners looking for a different perspective

Landscape Gardeners

Plan aerial views of gardens and landscape plots allow for a better view on planning and design

Planning Applications

New developments, extensions and facility enhancements, aerial photos can help in the planning application process as well as the design