Commercial Property Portfolios – Appointment Calendar

To book, select a date from the calendar and complete the booking request form using the button below. Remember, the more properties booked in one day the cheaper the service is.

Enter the property address in the “On Location Address” box. We will confirm the booking and appointment date/time via email within 2 business days (usually straight away if we are in the office). For aerial images, please allow 3 days for planning and paperwork to be completed. If you prefer to book over the phone, please get in touch – Contact Details

We then complete any pre-planning required, collect the imagery from the properties, complete post production and deliver you the results. For aerial work we do require written/email confirmation of permission to take off and land at the property for legal reasons and we will need a minimum of 3 business days notice to complete the paperwork. It should be noted that drone flights are subject to various factors, namely permissions and weather, however, pre-planning, risk assessments, and paperwork is included in the Aerial Rates – not all properties will be suitable for drone flight aerial images.

We invoice all booked services at the point of delivery of the images for 7 day payment terms (longer terms by arrangement only)