Commercial Solar Farm

Drone Thermal Inspection of Solar Farms

Thermal Level 1 Certification

Climate change and the need for renewable energy is driving an unprecedented investment into commercial photovoltaic solar farms. However there any many issues that can result in failures of the panels if not properly and routinely inspected.

Thermal Imaging has long been the technology of choice for fault diagnosis and now using the latest drone thermal imaging cameras in the hands of qualified and experienced aerial UAV operators such as Drone Media Imaging, survey and inspection has never been quicker, cost-efficient and thorough.

Solar PV Farm Survey

Thermography qualified thermal imaging inspection in accordance with IEC 62446-3:2017 and BS EN ISO 62446-1:2016

Solar Farm Inspections using Drone Thermal Imaging Technology can detect many simple faults quickly, effortlessly and cost-effectively

  • Missing Table / Array Assets

  • Cell Faults

  • Multiple Cell Faults

  • Cell String Faults

  • Module Faults

  • Connector Faults

  • Bird Droppings, Damage or Debris

  • Developing Cell Issues

  • Developing Cell String Issues

  • Developing Module Issues

  • Developing Connector Issues

  • Table Shadowing


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We are certified and approved drone pilots and work throughout the UK and Ireland to provide both aerial and ground-based thermography

Solar Farm Thermal Survey RGB Support
commercial thermal solar farm inspection
Drone Thermal Imaging and Solar Panels UK

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