Mast Inspection Photography UK
Roof Inspection Photography UK

Drones can offer a no-intrusive, fast and cost-efficient way to assess your chimneys and roofs for both commercial and domestic properties. However, drone flights are not possible or practical in all circumstances or locations so mast photography can provide an excellent aerial photography alternative.

There is no legal distance restriction when using a camera attached to a mast as there is with a drone.   They are not required to remain 30m / 50m away from People, Property, Vessels and Vehicles that are not under the pilot’s control.  This means that they can be used without having to communicate with large numbers of neighbours if they are in close proximity to the inspection site.

Battery life is limited when carrying out an inspection with a drone as the aircraft requires a huge amount of energy to keep itself in the air.  When using a mast, these battery restrictions are removed so photography, video and thermal imaging can continue for a longer period to capture a high level of detail.

Drones are limited to flying when the weather conditions are appropriate – so they cannot fly in rain or high winds.  Whilst masts are limited by extreme weather conditions, they certainly offer more flexibility when it comes to working in the UK with its traditional unhelpful weather.

So there is no need to rule out aerial photography or videography when it comes to capturing your property or meeting your inspection needs simply because a drone flight is not possible in your area.  Simply look for your local aerial mast photographer to get your job completed.