Creating topographical maps of solid waste landfill sites using piloted airplanes could soon be a thing of the past as UAVs or drones are fast proving their wroth in this area for a fraction of the cost.

Capable of far more than delivering parcels for Amazon (although the jury is out on whether we will ever actually see this especially in urban areas), and providing a fun hobby for little and big kids alike, the data gathering potential of the drone is still being explored. However, waste management companies are proving to be ‘early adopters’ of UAV technology.  They are being attracted by the relatively small cost of carrying out a landfill site survey with this new aerial technology, and also the opportunity to capture both standard 2D, 3D and even thermal images with ease, certainly when compared to conducting foot surveys.

Drone surveys can assist with

  • Creating topographical maps in 2D or 3D
  • Improving fill sequence managing
  • Predicting remaining site lifespan
  • Detection of surface heat which could indicate the presence of a sub-surface fire

Drone Media Imaging offers a complete survey service including licensed and skilled operators and state of the art equipment, including the highest quality thermal imaging cameras. Contact them to find out more about how they can assist you.