Drones and Romance on Valentines Day

You wouldn’t normally associate drones with romance – Valentine’s Day is normally more of a flowers and chocolates kind of a day – however, there are some ways that drones can be used to spread the message of love.

DJI certainly agree as they’ve tried to capture the spirit of Cupid with one romantic themed blog post encouraging couples to use a drone to “take unique portraits, tell your story and fuel new adventures!”. They even suggest that drones could provide an aerial perspective in the ultimate marriage proposal for the modern age. It’s not the first time they’ve suggested that a drone is the ideal way to celebrate Valentine’s Day – even releasing a Valentine’s day gift package one year.

A quick search on Google reveals plenty of content advising you that a drone makes the perfect Valentine’s Day present for both men and women and they may well be right although it might be best to only go down this route if they’ve actually expressed an interest in one in the past.

However marriage proposals where a drone gets involved are definitely getting more popular proving love really is in the air!