Thermal cameras don’t actually detect colour at all as they operate outside of the range of visible light, but the thermal info is recorded and displayed in colour formats to make it easier to interpret.

The most common palette is the so-called Iron one where black represents the colder areas through red, orange and yellow the mid-range temperatures and white for the hottest points. Each images also includes a scale with the colours and the temperature ranges they denote although the digital images will allow you to take a precise temperature reading at almost pixel level.

Another common palette is the grey scale one, again with black areas being cooler and white areas showing the hottest parts.  It can be harder for the human eye to detect the difference between shades of grey so it’s less commonly used for that reason but some programs do require this format.

Thermal images from our state of the art camera offer a a variety of colour palettes for your images.  This allows us to provide you with your images or video footage in a palette that is familiar to you and your inspection program.  So whether you prefer the detail offered by a multi colour palette, or the simplicity of the grey scale, we can offer a service to suit.