Many hotels boast extensive grounds and facilities but these can be hard to capture from a ground level perspective.  Drones can offer a fast, simple and cost effective way to showcase all that your resort or hotel has to offer in a way that your potential visitors will enjoy engaging with.

This lovely venue down in the South West has extensive grounds with lots of buildings and facilities on both sides of the road so it was an ideal candidate for a short drone video to demonstrate it’s best features.  With video having been proved to be one of the most engaging media types for today’s modern browser, a short film is the perfect way to get your potential clients to stop scrolling and pay attention on social media or on your website.  All of this was achieved in a few short flights with no disruption to the hotel’s operation or to it’s guests.

We work all across the UK and so, if you have a leisure venue that you’d like to capture from an aerial perspective, then simply get in touch and we are happy to discuss your UAV requirements.

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