Drones Flying the Flag in the War Against Plastic Pollution

Not a day seems to go by without drones hitting the news headlines in one way or another and it's not always good news.  However, this recent news headline certainly demonstrates the potential for drones to be used in aerial survey work for all sorts of good causes - in ...

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Drones and Mountain Rescue

On the 9th July, a Himalayan expedition of experienced mountaineers were faced with the sad decision to presume one of their party lost.  Rick Allen had taken a fall earlier in the day and they had lost all trace of him. However, on July 10th, the expedition cook spotted ...

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Little Tikes – My First Drone – Competition in the Industry Increases!

If ever the popularity of drone flying as a hobby was in doubt, Little Tikes have laid this to rest with the release of their 'My First Drone' product - a drone designed for preschoolers!Will they complete the necessary training and paperwork though? :) 

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Defibrillator Drones Trialled in Sweden

It seems as though new uses are found for drones almost on a weekly basis.  Their speed, maneuverability and their ability to access hard to reach areas is fast being appreciated as a real asset in many areas with the latest being potentially life saving. The Karolinska Institute in ...

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Drones to be Employed Full Time by the Police

Devon and Cornwall Police are going to be the first in the country to harness the power of drones to combat crime by forming a full time drone division. Following a trial period that started in November 2015, a fleet of DJI Inspire drones will be deployed across Devon, ...

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SkyWall100 Drone Defence System

Skywall, a UK company based in Northumberland, are leading the way with a new breed of drone defence systems. They have created the Skywall100 system to prevent what is perceived as an ever growing threat from irresponsible drone pilots, using drones as part of paparazzi campaigns to invade film sets ...

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Why Carry an Umbrella when you can use a Drone?

You know that part of living in the UK is getting used to our unpredictable weather.  It is a foolish man (or woman) who travels far without an umbrella but they are a pain to use.  You know, you are walking down the street holding an umbrella which leaves you ...

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