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Drones and Low Flying Aircraft – Working Together

As well as running my own business, I also spend time working with National Drone Network - a national group that guarantees all of it's registered pilots are qualified and legal as well as working to promote the drone industry and safe working practices for both professional ...

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Drones – What’s the Law about where they Fly?

When you get in touch with us or any other professional drone pilot, we always have lots of questions about exactly where you flight is going to be taking place.  This isn't because we are just very nosey! We need to understand the location really well before we can advise ...

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Drones are Discovering Hidden Treasure in the Heatwave

There can't be anyone in the UK who hasn't noticed our heatwave unless you're living in a super air conditioned basement but it's not just making us all buy barbecue food, the hot dry conditions are actually revealing some secrets that have been hidden and undiscovered in our landscapes.  ...

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Drone Law – Where You Stand When You’re Booking a Drone Commercially

With drones being so new to the market, especially in many commercial areas, it's worth knowing the basic laws.  That way, if you're looking at hiring a drone operator to carry out work for your business, you'll have an idea of where you might need ...

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