Roof inspection by Mast not Drone – Same Result!

Roof inspection high powered Zoom

Not all roofs are best inspected by drones, sometimes it is easier and cheaper to use a mast, with none of the legal implications!

Our 15m (50ft) mast is capable of accessing roofs up to three stories for pitched roofs and 4 stories for flat roofs. We can deploy a mast without requiring airspace permissions and legal separation from vehicles, properties, vessels and people, which means we can gain access quickly, with the minimum of fuss and without the costs associated with drone aerial flights. As we use the same aerial equipment as we would for a drone flight, the results are exactly the same in terms of image quality.

We use the same DJI Zenmuse Z30, X5S and XTr cameras with our mast as we do on our drones which offer the most superior image capture available today.

With wireless connection to our ground-station and video controllers we are able to show you real-time the images from your roof, chimney and guttering, and at a very high level of detail. In particular, our Z30 zoom camera is capable of a 30x optical zoom and x6 digital zoom which offers us unparalleled access to hard to see places such as flashing and pointing, holes and cracks.

As qualified thermographers, we are also able to produce thermographic reports for solar panel inspections and flat roof water ingress issues.

You can read more about the power of the Zenmuse Z30 Inspection Zoom lens on our dedicated page here

Roof inspection access by mast, same results
roof inspection close up photography

Have a roof, chimney and gutter inspection by mast today!


Professional Commercial Aerial Inspection, Thermal, Photography and Video Filming

CAA approved & certified for UAV category 0-20kg daytime and nighttime flights Cert No.: 2565.

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