Drone Media Imaging Qualifies as Category 2 level Thermographers

Category 2 Thermography Certified
Category 2 Thermography Certified

We are delighted to announce that we are now qualified as Category 2 level thermographers!

Hot on the heels of our recent announcement about obtaining enhanced operating safety case permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), we can confirm that we have now completed certification to deliver specialist aerial thermal imaging services to industry standards recognised by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT), the BS EN ISO 18436 standard Category 2.

Moving on from our category 1 which certified us to collect thermal images as a calibrated and qualified operation, we are now certified to (in addition) deliver diagnostics, recommendations, and investigative reporting.

Category 2 Infrared Thermography builds on the category level 1 understanding of thermal physics, deepening and broadening our knowledge about infrared heat science, infrared measuring equipment, and its applications. Being able to offer a Category 2 level thermal imaging survey and inspection, along with our enhanced CAA permissions, puts us in a very small specialist group of a handful of businesses with such offerings in the UK. As Level 2 (CAT 2) Thermographers we can provide guidance to Level 1 (CAT 1) operators in the areas of equipment selection, techniques, limitations, data analysis, corrective actions, and reporting. So please get in touch if you need Category 2 reporting for your drone aerial inspections.

What can a Thermal Camera on a Drone Do?

  • Roof Insulation Effeciency

  • Roof Water Ingress
  • Building Insulation Continuity
  • Thermal Bridging
  • BREEM Accreditation

  • Plumbing Assessment

  • Determination of Fresh and hardened stages of Concrete

  • Photovoltaic Solar PV Panel Inspection

  • Domestic Home Solar PV Panel Inspection
  • Landfill Waste Analysis
  • Precision Agriculture

  • Farming Animal and Crop Analysis

  • Rain Water Management

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Analysis


Get in touch to find out how thermal imaging with infrared aerial cameras can help you with your project today.

We are certified and approved drone pilots with enhanced OSC permissions from the CASS. We work throughout the UK and provide both aerial and ground-based thermography services at a Category 2 level