Gift Certificate vouchers are a set price and offer the recipient 5 Digital Images and a nice and simple ‘Flyby’ video film of the chosen property. Flights are usually 30 minutes in duration which is enough time to capture the home from many different angles and elevations.

As professionally qualified and certified Drone Operators, we complete all the pre-planning and necessary risk assessments as part of the package price and there is nothing else to pay. After the flight the images are put through post production before being put in line for selection and downloading.

The Gift Certificates are redeemable via our website where the recipient will be able to make a flight appointment.

Please Note:-

  • Flights are subject to the UK weather and relevant local risk conditions, authorities and bylaws. You can make a preliminary check with us before purchasing your voucher if you want to know the likelihood of any formal flight issues.
  • Vouchers are not transferable or redeemable for cash or any other product.
  • Dates booked become ‘target’ or ‘preferred’ dates but may be subject to change if the weather is not suitable for safe flights.