Project Description

We were honoured to be asked to work with the BBC’s One Show team to assist in putting together an exclusive piece to accompany their interview with Gemma Dowler.  Gemma has just written a book, My Sister Milly, speaking about her life and the trauma that her, and her family, went through when her sister was abducted and since.

We were to film in Yateley Heath Woods alongside the documentary crew, which is where Milly’s body was finally discovered six months after her disappearance.   It was an undeniably beautiful woodlands although it has now of course been laced with sadness.  We took time to capture the environment sensitively both through some of the woodlands and from an aerial perspective to contribute to that part of the her story.

It was a very a very difficult day for all of us…..

RIP …Milly Dowler

Yateley Heath BBC One Filming One Show
Yateley Heath BBC One Filming One Show
Yateley Heath BBC One Filming One Show
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