Project Description

BBC One Show filming of the Marble Racing at Merthyr Mawr, Sand Dunes, Bridgend, Wales, with One Show science presenter Marty Jopson

It was a baking hot day so ideal for spending on the beach along with all the other folk that were involved in the production of this fun piece regarding the construction of a sand marble rally course.  Plenty of our drone footage was included and we feel it was perfect for sharing the scale of this project with the viewer – an aerial perspective shows off the size of the course brilliantly in a way that a ground perspective wouldn’t have been able to do.

Always lovely to see your work on the television, especially when it is part of one of the BBC’s flagship shows – the One Show.  This was such a fun project to be a part of and I really enjoy the variety that working alongside the team provides in terms of cinematography.

Sand Marble Rally Filming BBC One Show
Sand Marble Rally Filming for BBC One Show
Sand Marble Rally Filming BBC One Show
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