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Drones can Help you to Sell your Property

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Drones can Help you to Sell your Property Today’s property market is an incredibly competitive environment and sellers are always looking for ways to present their property in such a [...]

Drones and Low Flying Aircraft – Working Together

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As well as running my own business, I also spend time working with Drone Safe Register - a national group that guarantees all of it's registered pilots are qualified and [...]

Drone Thermal Imaging Inspections

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Here at Drone Media Imaging, we are proud to have a state of the art thermal camera as part of our equipment.  It allows us to provide our clients with exceptional [...]

Drones and School Photography

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This short video was taken by Drone Media Imaging recently at a school that was undertaking all sorts of celebrations for their 50th anniversary and it's a great example of how drones [...]

Drones – What’s the Law about where they Fly?

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When you get in touch with us or any other professional drone pilot, we always have lots of questions about exactly where you flight is going to be taking place.  This isn't because we [...]

Harnessing the Power of Drones on Construction Projects

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One key area where drones can offer real benefit is working within the construction industry.  While some firms are already leveraging the considerable powers of the UAV at all stages of development, this is [...]

Book a Drone Roof Pre-Winter Inspection and Save Yourself Money

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If you live in the UK, then it won't be news to you that the weather can be a little unpredictable here - especially over the forthcoming season of winter.  A year doesn't go [...]