Drones and Weddings in Sussex

Drones can add an exciting and different component to your wedding photography and videography and they’re getting to be a much more popular part of planning to capture your big day.  There’s a few things to be aware of though to make sure you firstly get a drone pilot who is insured and will fly legally at your wedding venue and also who can capture the photos and footage that you would like to look back on in years to come.

Drone Media Imaging are happy to attend your wedding and provide the footage or photographs directly to you or to work with your photographer and / or videographer so your images can be included in your wedding collection.  The drone pilot will be responsible for the safety of your guests and the general public at your wedding and they will need the relevant permissions from your wedding venue in order to be able to take off and land  so there is some planning involved in having a drone at your wedding.

When we receive a booking, we will get in touch with the wedding coordinator at your venue and conduct our desk research to make sure that we have the relevant flight permissions and a plan for the day that takes account of safety considerations as well as the best spots to fly from to generate fantastic images.  We’ll also talk with you about what you would like to achieve so that you can factor that into the planning for your day – for example, allowing extra time to arrange your guests into a shape on the ground to be captured from the air, or getting us there a little early so that we can capture sweeping footage of your wedding venue in all it’s splendour.

Once we have all this information, then we can provide you with an accurate quotation and we’ll complete your booking. It’s worth knowing that drones can’t operate in the rain or in high winds so there is chance that your drone filming will be stopped by the Great British weather.  However, we will be analysising detailed weather forecasting the week before your wedding and will be able to advise you accordingly so you get as much notice as possible.   If we can’t fly because of the weather, obviously you won’t be charged and your deposit will be refunded!

Drones are quite noisy and so they don’t mix well with vows or speeches and, as a general rule, they are best flown outside.   If you’d like to talk over how to achieve the best images and video at your wedding, then please just get in touch and we’re happy to help.