Drones Help in the Fight Against Coronavirus

Apian NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme
Picture: Apian founders Hammad Jeilani (right) and Christopher Law. ©2020 Annalisa Russell-Smith

The UK Space Agency is helping in the response to Covid-19 by backing a healthcare drone start-up business.

The NHS has a workforce development programme for both clinical and non-clinical staff designed to support them in finding innovative solutions for the benefit of the patient, staff and the NHS as a whole.  IT is from this programme that Apian was born with the aim of establishing a network of air corridors to allow drones to carry Covid-19 samples, test kits and PPE.

The project will be based at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex which actually stands on the site of a WWI Royal Flying Corps Airfield.

One of the main challenges for the NHS during the Covid crisis has been supply chain logistics and so it is hoped that this new initiative will go some way toward alleviating the problems. With the first commercial drone highway already being established by Altitude Angels in Berkshire, this is another step to leveraging the power of drone deliveries for the benefit of everyone.


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