Drone flights over solid waste landfill sites are fast becoming accepted as an efficient way to conduct surveys over terrain that is often difficult and/or dangerous to navigate on foot.

Couple this with the fact that you can put a drone in the sky for a lot less of a financial outlay than an airplane and making the most of this relatively new technology just makes good commercial sense.

A drone can be the ideal eye in the sky to periodically survey remote areas of a landfill site or a fast method of carrying out a perimeter survey.  The nature of landfill sites means that getting a person to certain areas can pose a safety risk but not so for an unmanned aerial vehicle.  Real-time, high-resolution images can prove as good, if not better than a ground-level perspective.  The fact that these images, either in still or video form, can be archived for later viewing or for comparison purposes only enhance their potential as a site management tool.

However, drone pilots are required by law to be examined and certified by the CAA in order to be able to fly legally. This is a challenging and lengthy process requiring annual renewal that also must be set alongside the financial cost of purchasing the state of the art equipment, including thermal imaging capabilities necessary to carry out useful survey work. So it makes perfect sense to outsource drone surveying to an already qualified, licensed, and skilled company such as Drone Media Imaging.  Just get in touch to find out more.