Drone Media Imaging are proud to have been members of the Drone Safe Register nearly since its beginnings.  DSR is a national network of UAV pilots who are guaranteed to have the required CAA permissions and insurances to fly legally, so when you search for someone to carry out your aerial photography or videography on there, you know you will be dealing with a licensed operator.  With the proliferation of illegal operators in our community, we can’t stress enough how important that is.

It’s always been a great group for us, with plenty of marketing and networking potential but we were excited to see that the founder (Mark Boyt) had made the leap into the Dragons’ Den to take us all forward in the future.   He quite literally flew into the Den hoping to procure both interest and investment from one of those high experienced Dragons and we were thrilled to see that actually, three of the entrepreneurs were interested in making the investment.

In the end, Mark chose to go with Peter Jones – he has been a Dragon from the very first series and is an incredibly well respected and connected entrepreneur with a vested interest in the drone market through his Jessops business.  We really couldn’t imagine a more perfect investor to help us to take DSR to the next level and we’re definitely excited to see what this new development holds for both us as a DSR member and the UK drone industry as a whole.