DJI Aeroscope - Drone Detection System Approved

With DJI drones believed to account for over two thirds of the global civilian drone market, it makes sense that the UK would look to them to pioneer a drone detection system.  Their answer to meeting the potential security and safety challenges posed by increased UAS usage is Aeroscope.

This multi-layered system has now been approved by the UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure and is being added to it’s Catalogue of Security Equipment.

All existing DJI drones are Aeroscope-ready whilst other manufacturers can make simple changes to enable their compatibility.  Aeroscope can quickly gather information about the aircraft that it detects, such as flight path, statues and communication links, in real time.  This information can then be used to formulate an appropriate response.  There are both stationary and portable units available to allow continuous protection of large sites as well as deployment at temporary events.

  • Airports

  • Power Plants

  • Government Sites

  • Military Zones

  • Secure Locations

  • Prisons

  • Temporary Events

  • Emergencies and Disaster Zones

With remote ID Systems for drones due to become a legal requirement in July 2020 under EASA regulations, this move is seen as an important first step to increase the security of the UK airspace.