Country House Roof Inspection

Our client asked us to survey a roof that was leaking, and with our Zenmuse z30 high powered zoom along with thermal cameras, we were able to help identify the problem. The work took a couple of hours and a handful of flights, on a showery day.

Using the software from Scopito we were able to complete a full report with detailed images showing the problems for the roof maintenance company to act upon.

The DJI Zenmuse z30 high powered zoom drone camera offers very stabilised long lens telephoto shooting to show closeup detail from the air with a drone – for more information here is a link to the DJI Zenmuse z30

drone roof inspection
chimney inspection by drone
high powered zoom image of roof by drone
drone roof inspection with high powered zoom
chimney inspection by drone and high powered zoom z30
roof inspection with UAV

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We are certified and approved drone pilots and work throughout the UK and Ireland to provide both aerial and ground based property photography


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CAA approved & certified for UAV category 0-20kg daytime and nighttime flights Cert No.: 2565.

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