You know that part of living in the UK is getting used to our unpredictable weather.  It is a foolish man (or woman) who travels far without an umbrella but they are a pain to use.  You know, you are walking down the street holding an umbrella which leaves you having to do everything else with only one hand available.  Well, worry no more, Drones Direct has come up with the perfect solution.

Available for delivery from April 5th, you can buy your very own drone umbrella.  Designed to follow your phones GPS signal, it will hover over your head keeping the rain off whilst leaving you with two free hands to go about your day to day business.  It has up to 30 minutes flight time and so you can stay dry for a full half hour – plenty of time to get where you’re going – and, if you’re worried about safety, it also features built in collision avoidance which will be great when everyone has one of these out on a rainy day.

It’s billed as perfect for sporting events and walking the dog but you can also use the umbrella attachment to fly your drone in bad weather, presumably whilst getting wet yourself but a small price to pay for aerial footage of a rainy day.

OK, now there is a little bit of a catch in that it is currently on sale for the sum of £1299 which is a little more than your average brolly but it is on sale from £1499 so in some ways it’s a bargain.

Buy Your Drone Umbrella Now
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