The CAA’s Drone Registration Scheme has gone live as planned today and all drone operators and pilots are legally obliged to register their aircraft by November 30th.

Obviously this scheme, designed to run alongside the mandatory drone training for all pilots who are flying aircraft over 250g, has the main purpose of improving air safety and pilot / operator accountability.   However, it has enabled another really useful service to be launched along with it – Drones Reunited.

Working across the UK, the new website offers two simple forms to report either a lost or a found drone (although of course you can still hand a found drone in at your local police station as well) and users can check in to see if they can find a match.  Although there are a number of organisations, forums and Facebook pages that do offer this service, this super-simple to use portal will mean that drones and their owners can now easily be reunited across the UK in one simple national reporting scheme.