We were thrilled to be working with the BBC One Show team again, this time down in sunny Dorset at two locations to provide aerial footage and general views to accompany a piece that they were putting together.

Durdle Door is one of Dorset’s most iconic landmarks and drones are not normally allowed to fly in the area so we were excited to have this opportunity.  Unfortunately, just as we were about to take off the fog rolled in which meant that visibility of the rock formation wasn’t quite as good as we would have initially liked although it certainly did add a little drama to the finished footage.

Of course the drone flight laws means that you can’t fly near members of the general public which meant that we had quite a hike (Steve carrying the drone on his shoulders which was certainly a challege in 30 degree heat!) but the resulting footage was well worth the extra effort.  Keep an eye on here for the forthcoming showreel.

We were filming in the midst of a heat wave and the sun shone brightly as we hit the beaches at Studland and Durdle Door – offering us a rare opportunity to fly these normally hard to access areas.