We were delighted to be asked to create an updated aerial image of the Whittington College retirement community in Felbridge, West Sussex.

They had an old photograph that was created using piloted aerial photography a long time ago but they have carried out a lot of developments and improvements to the community since then and so wanted to reflect these in their images.  A drone provides the perfect solution with the ability to capture images from a variety of angles at a fraction of the cost of sending a plane up to get the views.  We can even create 3D models of a space and the buildings within in if required!

This is a large and beautifully landscaped site that really comes alive when seen from an aerial perspective  – revealing how the accommodation nestles within the gardens and surrounding area.  This makes it ideal for drone photography which excels at not only capturing the detail of the buildings but also displaying how they are situated in the larger area.  The resulting image is ideal not only for the site’s records but also to show to prospective residents to demonstrate the beautiful and peaceful environment they will be joining.

Get in touch to find out more about creating a cost effective aerial image of your site – here at Drone Media Imaging, we are happy to help and advise.