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Drone Media Imaging’s Thermal Camera is State of the Art and Designed for Drone Flight

Drone Media Imaging are based in Sussex but operate nationwide with our state of the art equipment, including our high end thermal imaging camera  - the ZenMuse which combines the thermal imaging capabilities of [...]

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Drone Media Imaging and Great Tangley Manor, Wonersh, Surrey

Drone Media Imaging were delighted to be asked to capture aerial footage of the very beautiful events venue at Great Tangley Manor in Wonersh, Surrey.  Catering for everything from [...]

Domestic Aerial Portraits – Drones Capture Your Home

Drones offer an amazing opportunity to capture a portrait of your home from an aerial perspective without the previously high costs associated with photography from a traditional piloted aircraft. Domestic [...]

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Old 1950 Landfill Site Thermal Imaging Inspection

The build up of gases such as methane in landfill sites is a common problem for councils & landowners, particular if the land is identified for development. Drilling bore [...]